Questions and Answers about Planning a Wedding


How can I best support my bride in the build-up to the wedding?

As exciting as planning a wedding can be, it is also a highly-charged time, often fraught with stress – for the bride, in particular.

Wedding preparations were traditionally a woman’s domain, and men would gratefully take a very large step back from all the fine-tuning and agonizing over the most (seemingly) minute details of the upcoming nuptials. Modern couples, however, are taking a far more balanced approach to wedding planning, and brave fiancés everywhere can now be seen comparing crockery sets at homeware stores and discussing wedding cake icing with caterers. Just know that, no matter how much you are doing, it ‘s probably not enough! Emotional at the best of times, a woman who is planning a wedding needs constant support, affection and – probably most importantly – the reassurance that, yes, you are listening and, yes, of course you care about the wedding. On a practical level, you can take the pressure off by organising the details for the honeymoon, arranging the limousine hire, picking up the rings, sorting out the wedding licence and liaising with the best man and groomsmen. Don’t forget to throw a box of chocolate, a freshly tapped bubble bath or a simple cup of tea into the mix. Believe us when we say that these little gestures will be in your best interests!

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