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About The Wedding Directory – Planning a wedding is no easy task. Even the most organised of women need a little help. And some women need a lot of help but that’s where The Wedding Directory comes in. Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief because we’re here to help you organise everything. We know it’s a stressful task and we know that at times you’ll want to devour a box of Zoo Biscuits in one sitting but hopefully those will be fleeting moments and you’ll still fit into your dress afterwards. But other than that, we hope to provide you with all the information and resources you could possibly think of – and we hope you spend more time devouring all our bright wedding ideas and advice.

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Let’s get shackled!

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Getting Started
You are the wedding planner, baby!

For starters, you may want to download some planning tools. Because what’s a wedding without a few lists with tick boxes just begging to get crossed off?

We highly recommend:

  • Subscribing to our free, monthly newsletter. It’s full of wedding bits and pieces for you to sink your teeth into

You might then need some inspiration for wedding themes and ideas and we’ve got plenty of that in store for you!

Getting Inspired
Take your imagination on the wedding journey too!

For great wedding ideas and a bouquet of inspiration, we recommend:

The Real Nitty Gritty

Once you’ve been inspired and your brain is almost knotted with excitement, we suggest you start searching for service providers

Head over here:

At some point you may need a little bridal bird to whisper you a few words of advice or you may need to find the answer to popular etiquette questions.

For this type of thing, you’ll need to head here:

The Fun Part
Just hitched

And then, you or your hubby-to-be may want to start thinking about planning your honeymoon. The real fun part of getting married!

For planning tips and guides to popular honeymoon destinations, head over here:

So, what did we tell you? We’re here for you. And if you need anything at any time, or if you feel like something is missing from our site and you desperately want us to add it, then pop us an email using the contact form below.


Please note that we are not service providers – we administer the website and care unable to assist you with bookings, resertvations or quotes. You can find the telephone numbers and other contact details of all the service providers on their respective adverts. Thank-you.

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