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How and where can I cut costs but still have a perfect wedding?

It’s so easy to get totally carried away on a cloud of romance and before you know it you’re in serious debt, which is something you want to avoid at any cost. Rather stick to your budget and decide what items you are willing to either give up or change slightly.

A few non-negotiable’s when cutting costs:

A professional wedding photographer/videographer is a must where possible, besides for your memories, this will be the only tangible evidence you’ll have of your special day and totally worth the expense.

It is advisable to make use of a professional hairdresser and make-up artist that will make you look natural, yet beautifully elegant without overdoing it (again, something that will reflect on your photos forever).

The DJ you choose can either make or break your celebration party, get someone with experience and good references.

When cutting costs, you could consider the following:

Re-look at the fabric of your wedding dress as well as those of the brides maids – if you chose a very expensive fabric, change this for something slightly cheaper, this way you are bringing down your costs without compromising on the style of the dress/es.

The bright idea section on websites or in magazines will give you a lot to work with when it comes to your wedding flowers. Get creative, cost effective ways to do your flowers yourself (you might want to use a florist for your bouquet though).

By getting creative with your table gifts/decor you will save quite a bit – your guests are there to share in your joy and a small hand-made gift that compliments your theme will be perfect.

By planning your honeymoon way in advance (to save on the flights) and by keeping it local you might save money that you can use elsewhere.

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