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Wedding Day Advice | Reception and Ceremony

Wedding Day Tips

Follow these quick tips to ensure that your wedding day proceeds as smoothly as possible…

Quick Tip 1: Collect your dress at least one week in advance

This will give you time to make any last minute alterations, should they be required. Always try on your dress to ensure it fits.

Image courtesy of 100 Layer Cake | Photo courtesy of Heirloom LA

Quick Tip 2: Wear in your shoes!
To avoid an uncomfortable evening, wear your shoes in before the ceremony. Scuffing the soles on a tar surface will also improve the shoes’ grip.

Quick Tip 3: Carry a sewing kit
You’re getting out the car and your dress catches on the door…rrrip! Insist that your Maid of Honour carries a sewing kit with her to remedy the unexpected.

Quick Tip 4: Have a wee dram!
Horse-riders take a shot of port or sherry before the fox hunt to steady the nerves on what could be a dangerous outing…Consider doing the same. But remember, one and no more! Have some mineral water on hand to quench your thirst.

Quick Tip 5: Factor in ten minutes for late-comers
While 11am may be listed as the official starting time of the service, let the marriage officer and wedding party know that you will, in fact, be starting the service at 11h10, to accommodate the inevitable late-comers.

Quick Tip 6: Serve canapés and cocktails while you’re being photographed
The service over, the wedding party is whisked away for a marathon photo shoot. So often, guests are left at a loose end until the wedding party arrives at the reception. Alleviate their boredom by serving canapés and cocktails and arrange for a little light background music to keep them entertained.

Quick Tip 7: Seat the older folk away from the speakers
You may be looking forward to getting down to the latest hits – blasted at full volume through the DJ’s killer sound system – but be aware that not everyone, particularly those of the older generation, enjoy loud music. To avoid negative sentiments, seat the older guests away from the speakers.

Quick Tip 8: Include a little bit of everything on the playlist
By all means compose a list of your favourite tunes to give to the DJ but be aware that your guests are a diverse bunch and not everyone will have your taste in music. Include something for everyone – from Frank Sinatra and the Beach Boys to U2 and Enrique Iglesias. And give the DJ some credit – he knows what it takes to get people bopping.

Quick Tip 9: Relax and enjoy
It’s not called a wedding celebration for nothing. Once the seriousness of the service and the toasts are over, let down your hair and have a little fun. Nothing will inspire your guests to have a good time more than seeing a relaxed and happy bride and groom enjoying the evening.

Quick Tip 10: Give yourself a break
While it’s considered traditional to leave for your honeymoon directly after the reception, nothing could be more exhausting. Rather give yourself a couple of days to recover, first.

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