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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be exciting. It can also be chaotic, confusing and sheer hard work. Thankfully, there’s a fun way to gather all your wedding ideas and inspirations into one easy-to-manage, easy-to-share digital platform. It’s called Pinterest and we luuuurve it! Here is how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site which describes itself as ‘a tool for collecting and organising things you love’ – an online space where you can ‘pin’ anything which interests you onto virtual ‘pinboards’ (hence the name!). Pinterest covers all interests – from cars and motorbikes, architecture and history to food and drink, fashion and (yes), weddings! In fact, Pinterest – one of the fastest growing social media sites around – has attracted a strong following from brides-to-be.

Plan a Project on Pinterest

It’s oh-so-easy! The visual nature of Pinterest lends itself to project planning, including wedding planning. Instead of leafing through wedding magazines in your search for the perfect wedding dress, wedding décor, shoes, hairstyles etc., you can search for your dream wedding items online (either via search engines, other social media sites or Pinterest itself), and organise them in your digital bulletin boards. Then, you can swap ideas with the gals helping you plan your wedding and random strangers, alike. Here’s how it works:

  1. Join Pinterest
  2. Create a Board(s) – this is where you organise your pins by topic. You can make your boards as broad (‘My Wedding’) or as specific (‘Wedding Dress’ or ‘Wedding Cakes’), as you like. Your boards can be secret (just for you) or public and you can even invite others to share their pins on your boards.
  3. Click on the ‘Weddings’ category and browse through thousands and thousands and thousands of pins!
  4. Search for something specific – like wedding invitations – using Pinterest’s search function
  5. Follow the pins or boards of people who share interesting material – their pins will show up in your home feed (much like when you friend someone on Facebook)
  6. Search images on search engines and use the Pinterest Bookmarklet to post the images to your boards – simply drag the ‘Pin It’ button to your browser toolbar.

Pinterest Pinning Tips

Warning: Pinterest can become addictive!Here are some additional pinning tips to fuel the Pinterest fire:

  • Invite your bridesmaids to collaborate on your boards by sending them an email  invitation
  • Use hashtag ((#) keywords – just like you do on Twitter – to facilitate search. For example, when pinning a wedding dress, you could use the hashtag, #weddingdress – this will help your pins be more easily discoverable by other Pinterest users. Similarly, you can use hashtags to search for relevant content on Pinterest.

Top Wedding Pins of All Time

Wondering what the most popular wedding pins on Pinterest are? Repinly is a useful platform which can help you uncover Pinterest’s most popular pins, boards and pinners, across categories. According to Repinly, then here – in reverse order – are the top tenwedding pins of all time…

No. 10: Outdoors Chandeliers

Pinned by Alexandra Lindley – 20177 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

No. 9: Lady Bug Pretzels

Pinned by Leilani Chacon – 20612 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

No. 8: Spiral Wedding Aisle

Pinned by Rebecca Hamilton – 21772 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL:

No. 7: The Wedding Cake That Went Viral On Pinterest

Pinned by Exclusively Weddings – 22138 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

No. 6: Cheap and Easy Flowers

Pinned by Cheyenne Magpantay – 22975 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

No. 5: Thank You Card Photos

Pinned by Tarah DeWitt – 24179 Repins | Image on Pinterest  | Image URL

No.4: Pretty Lights

Pinned by Nikki – 24362 Repins | Image on Pinterest  | Image URL

No.3: Fairytale Sparklers

Pinned by Natascha T. – 29862 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

No. 2: Wow Makeup

Pinned by Tina Juneau – 32263 Repins | Image on Pinterest  | Image URL

No. 1: Every Girl Deserves a Picture Like This

Pinned by Chelsey Rinner– 37145 Repins | Image on Pinterest | Image URL

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