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Jeanine and Ryan BrickellWedding: 27 September 2008

Our Wedding Day

Choosing our venue would set the stage for our beautiful wedding experience. We wanted something elegant, intimate, charming and special. When we stumbled upon The Royal Meander Manor Guest Boutique Lodge in Shaka’s Rock, Ryan and I fell in love with the stunning décor and sea views and we couldn’t wait to start planning our big day.

My bridesmaids and I stayed over at the venue the night before the wedding so that we wouldn’t have to rush around and there would be no excuse to be late or back out (as my husband put it).

The ceremony was set up by the pool and as I walked down the aisle to my husband-to-be I took everything in. It all felt perfect! After our beautiful ceremony, our photographer took us down to the beach where she took the most amazing photos of our bridal party while our guests stayed behind to enjoy canapés and cocktails. We returned to the venue for the reception where we were wined and dined and we danced the night away. The décor was stunning thanks to our coordinator Di and the management and staff. The food was amazing thanks to the talented chef, the cake was totally decadent thanks to Cocoa Chocolate Bar and the wine was perfect thanks to Ryan’s great taste in wine.

As for our friends & family, we were blessed to have them share our special day with us. It was a perfect beginning for the rest of our lives together.

Advice to Future Brides

  • Once you‚Äôve picked your venue, find a theme that will bring everything together.
  • Get as many ideas together to see which will work well together.
  • Make sure that everything is finalized at least a week before the wedding.
  • On the day of your wedding, step back with your husband & take everything in.
  • Keeping it small enables you to enjoy your day with less stress because you get to see and talk to everyone and time doesn‚Äôt just fly by.
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