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What are the top wedding gift no-no’s

When trying to decide on a wedding gift for a couple, you don’t want to choose anything inappropriate or be remembered as the one that gave ‘that terrible gift’. Here are some examples of what not to do?

  1. Gift recycling- Yes we have all thought about and some of us have done it, passing on your unwanted gifts is the number one sin in wedding gift giving
  2. Cheques- Giving a cheque to the bridal couple is one thing, having insufficient funds in your account to cash the cheque is entirely another and a definite no-no.
  3. Cheap and tacky- Brick-a-brack, plastic gizmo’s, remember if it looks like it cost R10 to make, it probably did.
  4. Perishable Foods- Remember that the couple will probably be going on their honeymoon shortly after the wedding and might not open their presents until they get back, the smell of rotting food is certainly not a good welcome home gift.
  5. IOU’s- Not a good thing in any situation, never mind a wedding.
  6. Price tags- When you decide on a gift, remember to take the price tag off.
  7. No Gift- Don’t arrive at a wedding with no gift at all.
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