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Wedding Hair for the Bold and Beautiful

Your hair is your crowning glory, and never more so than on your wedding day. So that you can complement dream nails with dream hair, we’ve matched these trending wedding hairstyles to our top wedding nails trendsread that article in conjunction with this, for best results!

Big Hair for Your Big Day

When considering wedding hair-do’s, bear the following in mind:

  • Your hair type – curly, straight, thick or thin
  • Your face shape – square, round, oval or heart-shaped
  • The formality of the function
  • Your personal style
  • The style of your wedding dress
  • Whether or not you will be veiled for the ceremony.

Let Down Your Hair!

Remember, you will want to remove your veil or other head adornments, once the ceremony’s over and the photographs taken. This done, your hair will be revealed for all to see, so do make sure it works both with and without your veil or fascinator.

Blushing Bride

Half-Up Hair – Whilst this look is a classic, it’s enjoying increased popularity currently, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge. Stylish Kate wore a half-up hairstyle at her own Royal wedding – it’s a versatile look that works beautifully under a veil, and without, and allows you to show off both your pretty hair and face.

MATCH WITH: French Manicure
WORKS FOR: Casual | Semi-formal | Formal Occasions


Pinned by Taresah Ferguson | Image courtesy of | Image source

Soft ‘n Flowing – If you have a good head of hair, this one’s for you – loose, cascading waves makes for a relaxed yet gorgeous soap star look. While it’s not a style that works well with a veil, it’s perfect for brides who’ve dispensed with that altogether – girl-next-door types who’re not down with the princess-wedding-thing, gals who’re doing it second time around or those going for an outdoors ceremony (on the beach, for example). Tuck a solitary flower behind the ear, and you’re good to go!

MATCH WITH: Nude Nails
PERFECT FOR: Casual | Semi-formal Occasions


Pinned by Melissa Espejo |Image courtesy of | Image source

Nymph Up-Do – This has a wonderful Bohemian-Romantic feel to it…In Greek mythology, nymphs were minor female goddesses of the natural world – the forests, rivers, fields, mountains and seas. They symbolised the beauty of nature and were worshiped and honoured…and inspired men to great deeds. If you fancy yourself a natural wonder, go for a wavy or curly up-do with a simple floral crown in a natural palette.

MATCH WITH: Neutral Nails
PERFECT FOR: Casual | Semi-formal Occasions


Pinned by Regina França | Image courtesy of | Image source

Bold Bride

Retro Hollywood Hair – Vintage hairstyles are trending, but they also exude a timeless appeal which makes them both hot and happening and completely classic. It’s a strong and highly manicured yet very feminine look, suiting brides who’re looking for maximum glamour impact.


Pinned by Lyndsay King | Image courtesy of | Image source


Short and Sassy – Who says you must grow your hair out for your wedding? We say rock that edgy crew cut, grrrrrl! Right now, sexy starlets are trading in their locks for a short, chic crop – Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry, to mention a few. And while it may be the style du jour, short hair’s also got something of a cult appeal – when actress Mia Farrow married crooner Frank Sinatra back in 1966, she sported her now iconic pixie cut, as did the most famous princess bride of all, Diana, Princess of Wales. Both of these ladies’ hairdo’s are listed in Marie Claire’s top ten hairstyles of all time.

MATCH WITH: Black Nails
PERFECT FOR: Casual | Semi-formal | Formal Occasions


Pinned by Melissa Forman | Image courtesy of | Image source:

Bun with Bangs – Made famous by Breakfast at Tiffany’s star Audrey Hepburn, widely considered one of the greatest style icons ever, a chignon or bun with heavy fringe is finding favour amongst modern-day fashionistas like Zoe Deschanel, Reece Witherspoon and Katy Perry. Channel your inner Sabrina – it’s mod, with a vintage feel. Wham, bam, thank you, glam!

MATCH IT WITH: Rouge Noir Nails
PERFECT FOR: Semi-formal | Formal Occasions


Pinned by Robin Dawson | Image courtesy of | Image source:

Bling Bride

Lace-in-her-hair – Seen on the runway lately, lace woven into up-do’s, giving classic chignons a fresh spin by adding interest and texture. Pair with a vintage lace wedding dress.

MATCH WITH: Lace Nails
PERFECT FOR: Semi-formal | Formal Occasions


Pinned by Two Sisters Event Design | Image courtesy of | Image source

Jewelled Hair Vine – Back in Ancient Greece and Rome, women wore hair vines – made from bejewelled wire – to highlight their tresses and catch the eye of suitors. Now, they’re bang on trend! Their flexibility means that they can be ‘woven’ into braids or buns – giving the appearance of a rambling grape vine – or worn around the crown. Hair vines range in price, from costume jewellery pieces right up to precious jewel-encrusted numbers. Pick one which fits your pocket!

MATCH WITH: Glitter nails
PERFECT FOR: Semi-formal | Formal Occasions


Pinned by Leah Roberson | Image courtesy of | Image source:

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