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Brett and Valerie-Claire AndersonWedding: 11 July 2009

Our Wedding Day

It started with a drum beat as the groom grabbed a djembe drum and started playing. Starting with his best men and then good friends, fifteen more djembe drums were fired up until a pulsating rhythm had formed from all parts of the chapel. The bridesmaids broke through the wild beat and helped focus the crowd and then time seemed to stop as she entered the room. An encapsulating moment of Beauty and the Beat.

As I finally reached the front of the church we held each other and kissed - overwhelmed by sheer joy and excitement and filled with the overpowering love that had brought us both there. A time of heartfelt worship, a powerful motivating preach and the sharing of our own carefully written vows surrounded by close family and friends helped keep every moment of the day real and alive. Humour played a huge role in proceedings as our rings were brought to the front on a cushion with No_bob the world-famous stuffed dolphin. The whole day was completely relaxed and had a spontaneous feel. Totally us. The final kiss as we left the room a married couple symbolised everything that had gone before. The journey begins.

Advice to Future Brides

Keep the real thing, the real thing. You are getting married, not just having a wedding. Decide, with your fiancé, what is most important to both of you ‚ then keep that in perspective. Put a lot of who you both are into your day with little touches ‚that’s what will make it memorable. Be present in every moment. As soon as you leave the reception start reminiscing‚ keep the day alive and carry it over into your marriage.

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