Charl and Vasti | Wedding Competition Entry 2010
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Charl and Vasti McLeod Wedding: 05 June 2010

Our Wedding Day

Our wedding was a visual feast … there were shades of pastels, polka dots, stripes and checks – and origami birds and hearts hung from the trees. The tables were scattered with antique vases and teapots filled with pink and purple tulips, colourful roses and violet kale.

Heart shaped serviettes, little cookie jars, sweet boxes and “love” beaded in different languages was the theme for the tables. Glass vases and colourful fabric bunting hung from vintage sleepers, and fairy lights twinkled under mesh doilies. A Victorian inspired candy buffet, a ‘love is sweet’ photo booth and Charl with a tie that was polka dot pink.

I read a poem that could have been written for our wedding (not sure who to credit for this gorgeous poem):

I spy a little kiss and a great big hug
A handbag the colour of a ladybug
A white dress two shiney shoes
A shirt with stripes coloured pastel blue
Some fancy flowers
A bubbly drink
A dress and a tie with a polka dot pink
A sparkly diamond
A floaty gown
People dancing and twirling around
A man on a microphone
Two people holding hands
A pair of shining wedding bands.

Advice to Future Brides

  • Before you start: Make a mood board of things you like: colours/themes/cute ideas- stick it onto a big A3 or keep a file… that will give you a clear idea of what kind of venue/dress/photographer/flowers you want.
  • Your photographer: It is very important that you absolutely love the style of your photographer. Be very clear on what you like and what you expect.  You have to feel so comfortable and ease with him/her-because they will be around you all day!
  • Be true to yourself: Your wedding should reflect your personality and style- you can do anything you want to make it look beautiful. You don’t have to stick to traditional rules.
  • Make it personal: Add detail to your wedding to make guests feel special (personalized gifts/name tags/thank you notes). We also played a DVD while the guests waited for us with a story and slide show of our lives- showing pics of all our friends and family- they all loved it!
  • Midnight snacks: If you are planning a big party wedding be sure to have some snacks at 23.30!!! People drink and dance and they get hungry at that time—we had big cheese/biltong/cracker platters and it was the biggest hit! (After the sweet buffet)
  • Atmosphere: Music can make or break your atmosphere! At our ceremony Charl (the groom) and the groomsmen walked in on Going to the Chapel Baby, gonna get married. All the guest started laughing and from then everything was light and upbeat! Our first dance was on Juno’s Stand by my Side which is super cute and fun~ All the guest were standing in a circle around the dance floor with extra long sparklers- it created such a nice effect…
  • Enjoy! Just remember to enjoy every second of the big day- take in all the special moments= you will never have it again.
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