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You’re Invited: Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.”
– Tom Mullen

An Open Invitation
Creative wedding stationery concepts

The wonderful thing about modern weddings is that almost anything goes. Brides of today are encouraged to think outside the box, and as a result are putting tons of oomph and personality into every aspect of their big day. Stationery is one aspect of the wedding planning that has undergone a metamorphosis – there’s no longer a reason to be boring. Why go with predictable black print on white paper when you can send wedding invitations that can ooze style, wit and sass?

The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding stationery. From recycled paper to custom photography to messages in baby bottles, there are countless ways to set the tone and give your family and friends a little hint of your theme. To give you some inspiration, we’ve come up with five fabulous invitation ideas. Once you’ve decided which way you’re going to go, phone around to see who can help you put the wheels into motion. There is bound to be a local wedding service provider to help turn your dream into reality.

Remember that, no matter how avant garde your approach, don’t forget to follow accepted wedding invitation etiquette. Don’t forget that your wedding guests will come from various backgrounds, so always make sure that wording is clear, clean and classy.

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  • The Front Page

Turn your upcoming nuptials into headline news. The idea is to create a newspaper-style wedding invitation, going so far as to print the invitation on newsprint. If you don’t have a graphics programme at home, sketch out the basic idea and hand the rest over to the professionals. Use an attention-grabbing headline such as “Brendan and Hannah to Wed!”, then include brief interviews with both the bride and groom, as well as photographs of them, separately and together. In the bottom corner, frame the event and RSVP details.

  • The Novel Invitation

This invitation emulates the classic romance novel, with the blurb on the reverse serving as the actual invitation. Give the “novel” a catchy title, such as Swept off her Feet

Download an illustration from the internet that resembles the bride (or, better yet, ask an artist friend to draw a gorgeous rendition). Think woman sitting on rock, sea air blowing hair off face… you know the kind of image we mean. Then come up with a tagline, for example “How was Hannah to know that Brendan would change her life forever?”. At the bottom of the page, use bride and groom’s surnames for the publishing company, for instance “A McFarlane & Jennings publication”. For maximum effect, have this cover laminated and attached to a blank notebook that the guest can use later. Adapt your tagline to something to incorporate the blank pages, such as “Love was just the beginning”. This invitation is so much fun to create, and will certainly make a lasting impression on all lucky recipients.

  • The Pop-Art Magnet

If you don’t have any graphic artists on your guest list, just turn to the World Wide Web. Various sites abound that will create pop art versions of you – all you need to do is upload a photograph of yourself, followed by one of your partner, then wait for the graphics programme to work its magic. Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, send the image to a promotions company who will print it onto a magnet. Attach the invitation to the back of the magnet, and send to your guests in padded envelopes. Cute, current and a constant memento for their fridge.

  • The Cd

Go platinum with your own Greatest Hits collection. You’ll have a blast putting a compilation of your favourite tunes together, especially those that have significance to you as a couple. Burn a disc for each invitation and pop into a CD case. Create an album cover with a cute title such as “Hannah & Brendan: The Love Song Collection”, a photo of the happy couple below (the colour scheme and style should be in keeping with the theme of your wedding). The invitation itself can be on the back of the case, where the track listing would usually be.

  • The Box Of Chocolates

Feeling like going for broke? This invitation comes in the form of a small box of chocolates, luxuriously wrapped with a gorgeous wire-edged ribbon, to which a tiny gold tag is attached – printed with something like “Love Duet… The latest from the Jennings collection”. The invitation itself is glued to the inside of the box, framed with a border to match the ribbon. The chocolates themselves should be a combination of two flavours: the bride’s favourite flavour, and the groom’s favourite. Include an insert explaining which filling is whose, maybe incorporating their personality into the description. Try something like “Almond praline enrobed with smooth dark chocolate… intense, slightly bitter, yet playful… Brendan’s favourite”. Your invitees will absolutely love this deliciously special delivery. If you’re in one of the main centres, call a local chocolatier and make some enquiries – they’re sure to jump at the chance to create the ultimate in wedding invitations.

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