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A step-by-step beauty planner for your wedding

Congratulations on your engagement!

Take some time to work on your beauty regime; making an investment now will pay off hugely on your wedding day. Follow our beauty planning checklist, filled with tips to help you plan as far as a year out, up until the day of the ceremony. You’ll be ever-prepared to look and feel your best for the big day.

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Start off by getting a manicure, as everyone will be wanting to look at your gorgeous engagement ring!

12 Months:

  • Now is the time to put together a mood board or wedding file, not only of your wedding planning, but your beauty inspiration as well. Find some examples of wedding hairstyles, make-up and potential nail colours that complement your prospective palette and wedding theme
  • Decide on your wedding beauty budget

11 Months:

  • Start looking for a stylist and make-up artist now. Ask friends and family for references and choose someone you like and get on with. Many hair stylists also offer make-up services and are willing to travel, while others do not, so it is good to find this all out now while you still have the time.
  • If you are having an engagement party or photo shoot, you can request that that the stylist do your hair and makeup for the event, that way you can test their skills out well before your big day.

10 Months:

  • Time to address any skin problems like acne, sun damage, scars or wrinkles. Book an appointment with your dermatologist or Health Spa to discuss treatment options, such as retinol creams, lasers, chemical peels and botox, which can be expensive and require regular maintenance. Ten months gives you ample time to start setting aside some money for your big cosmetic splurge and to book the necessary appointments.

9 Months:

  • If you are planning on highlights or lowlights for your hair, start with phase one now to gradually introduce the streaks into your hair – you will need to fit in another 3 more sessions before your big day!

8 Months:

  • Start weekly at-home body exfoliations, concentrating on your back, shoulders and arms.
  • Begin weekly deep-conditioning treatments for your hair.

7 Months:

  • Start hand and nail conditioning now if you want your nails to be strong and gorgeous for your wedding day. Use intensive moisturising hand cream and cuticle oil daily and if your budget allows, schedule monthly nail appointments. With regular care, your hands are guaranteed to look gorgeous when your man slides on the wedding ring.

6 Months:

  • If you haven’t already, start a fitness and nutrition routine that you can live with – and stick to until your wedding day.
  • Go for your second set of highlights

5 Months:

  • Start using an intensive lip treatment nightly to keep lips soft and smooth.
  • Start testing out new fragrances.

4 Months:

  • Whether it’s bikini, leg, armpit or facial hair you’re worried about, start monthly waxing treatments now

3 Months:

  • Book and attend a hair trial, remembering to bring your headpiece and wedding jewelry with you, or start practicing if you’re going to do your own hair.
  • Book and attend a make-up trial, or start experimenting with a variety of cosmetics if you’re doing your own make-up to determine the best combination for your eyes and skin tone.
  • Go for your third set of highlights

2 Months:

  • If you want your bridesmaids to do their make-up or hair a certain way to complement their bridesmaid dresses, let them know now. If you have a certain lip colour or eyeshadow in mind for them, perhaps you can give them these items as thank-you gifts.

1 Month:

  • Confirm all hair and make-up appointments with your service providers.
  • Get a deep-cleansing facial.
  • Schedule a teeth cleaning. Consider whitening your teeth, if your wedding budget allows.
  • Experiment with tanners, bronzers or lotions. Give yourself enough time to ensure that the look is natural and that you are happy with the results.

1-2 Weeks Out:

  • Cut and colour or your last set of highlights – Avoid doing anything too drastic.
  • Make your last waxing appointment now, this will allow enough time for any redness to fade.
  • Get your last facial, this will leave enough time for any redness to fade.

The Day Before:

  • Get your final manicure and pedicure the day before, so that your nails can dry thoroughly. Get a bottle of your polish from the manicurist for last minute touch-ups.
  • Pack an emergency kit, which includes; tissues, nail file, breath mints, hair pins and nail polish. Get pressed powder and lipstick from your make-up artist.
  • Get as much beauty sleep as you can
  • Avoid caffeine before bed. If you are too excited or nervous to sleep properly, freeze moistened green or white tea bags to put over your eyes the next day, the tannins will help reduce any puffiness.

Day of the Wedding:

  • Eat a healthy balanced breakfast – with high fibre, complex carbs and lean protein for sustained energy throughout the day, you are going to need it.
  • Drink plenty of water – Try to drink at least 4 glasses of water in the lead up to the ceremony. Try to avoid tea, coffee and alcohol, which will dehydrate you and possibly cause more toilet stops.
  • Give yourself plenty of preparation time – bride’s typically need about two hours for their hair and an hour and a half for the make-up. Allow time after the preparations to relax before the ceremony begins.

Take a deep breath and smile, you have put a lot of time and effort into your beauty planning and you know you look fabulous!

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