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Maid of Honour Responsibilities and Duties

Maid of honor is the chief lady attendant of a bride. The term Maid of honour is used for an unmarried lady, while Maitron of honour is used for a married lady. As you will see, the maid of honour plays an important role to the success of the wedding. A wedding requires a lot of preparation and the bride needs as much help as she can. The bride usually gives the “maid of honour” designation to her closest friend or relative.

Maid of Honour responsibilities and duties

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  • Helps the bride choose her dress and helps choose the bridesmaids dresses
  • Helps to organize the Kitchen Tea, Pamper Party or Hen’s party
  • Attend all pre-wedding parties, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Help set-up wedding venue the day before the wedding and pick up bridesmaids dresses
  • Help the bride to dress in the morning of the wedding
  • Check the bride’s honeymoon bags arrive safely at the reception
  • Carries emergency supplies for the bride eg. lipstick etc.
  • Takes charge of any young attendants at the ceremony
  • Checks that the bride looks just before entering the church
  • Takes charge of the bride’s dress after the reception/day after
  • She should arrive at the church before the bride and ensure that all retinue know the order of events and their roles
  • She then goes down the aisle just behind the bride.
  • She holds the bouquet during the ceremony when the bride needs her hands free and can also assist with pulling back of the veil
  • She witnesses the signing of the register and then exits the church on the arm of the best man
  • Dances with the Best Man
  • Take gifts from the reception to the bride and groom’s house
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