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Planning a Wedding: Roles of Bride and Groom

A church full of friends and family, fresh food and flowers and the tapping foot of a nervous gentleman. It’s the wedding day of a very lucky girl. Months of planning, a well-divided wedding roles list, tough decisions and tears – often for more than one reason – are finally coming down to two simple [...]

Choosing your Dream Wedding Dress

Your personal style Satin , Lace, Cotton whats your ideal Wedding Gown made of? You know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to style – sticks with what works for you. If there is something bothering you about a certain style, then carry on shopping girl! You will know when you find the [...]


Don’t Miss Out on the Winelands Bridal Fair 2018!

Going digital, the future of wedding planning

Wedding planning has gone digital, gone are the days of writing out to-do lists or looking up your vendors in the yellow pages. Now everything can be done in a simple phone app, here are our top 4 free wedding planning apps- #1: The Knot wedding planner Pros The Knot Wedding planner app, requires you [...]

Cold Feet? How to Deal with Wedding Jitters

It’s too late now; your face is on the tea towels, the sister of Diana, Princess of Wales, famously said when the tragic fairytale princess expressed her reservations about going through with her marriage to HRH Prince Charles. Sadly, the princess should have listened to her gut instinct. But how do we know when to [...]

DIY Wedding Flowers: How to Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

We may think of long-stem roses in the delicate hands of a blushing bride as the ultimate romantic expression, but the origin of the bridal bouquet is somewhat less rosy, as it turns out. Way back when baths were short and people smelled a bit high, carrying fragrant flowers, laced with spices, helped disguise the [...]

Wedding Cake Trends 2015: From Barely There to Bring the Bling

While we’re all getting stuck into our chocolate Easter eggs, we think it’s a fine time to have a look at some other sweet things – wedding cakes! Just like wedding dresses, flowers and décor, cakes are subject to the vagaries of fashion. So grab a cuppa and a marshmallow egg, why don’t you, plonk [...]

St Patrick’s Day Wedding: Green With Envy

There’s something quite enchanting about the Irish – the playful lilt, the twinkle in the eye, the generous hospitality, that penchant for song and dance and irascible love of life can win over even the most hardened of hearts. Then, there’s the country itself, a lush, green land of outstanding natural splendour. As they immigrated [...]

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