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Unique signature drink

Are you planning a wedding on a shoe string? Why not save on the drinks budget by having a wine and beer bar, then ask your caterer to add a personal touch, by incorporating a signature cocktail drink to the mix.

Some good cocktails to choose from would be-

Wedding Belle
Every Wedding Belle needs a special cocktail and this one is perfect for your wedding. Gin and a spicy aperitif wine are the foundation of this extra special cocktail that is enhanced with cherry and orange. Your guests will love this more traditional drink with it’s infinite palate.

The Blushing bride
This beautifully blush-colored Champagne cocktail¬† is wonderful for toasting a newlywed couple at their wedding reception. It’s also very easy to make and serve to a larger party. As with any Champagne drink, pour the non-Champagne ingredients in to the glass first and top it with Champagne. Don’t stir the drink as it will cause quite a mess, besides, the bubbles do it for you.

The Wedding Cake
A cocktail that has two variations. One uses white creme de cacao and milk while the other uses gin and cream. To further confuse things the drink is like the Daiquiri in the respect that the drink is either shaken and served on the rocks or it’s blended. No matter which way you decide to serve it, it’s a given that it will be one great drink for your wedding.

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