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From Proposing to Planning

There is nothing like being totally and utterly won over by your man when it comes to proposing. The heart of a woman seeks romance. And chocolate.

Photo courtesy of My Second Shelf Life

We’ve asked a couple of ladies for their honest opinion and this is what women want:

  • It should be kept a surprise! Keep in mind that women are sneaky and once they get ‘a feeling’ that you might be up to something, they will do anything in their power to find out what it is, even if it borders on the illegal. All while they don’t really want to know. Strange? Not at all.
  • The proposal will have huge impact if it’s obvious that a lot of planning went into whatever it is that you’re about to pull off. A woman loves feeling special and you going to such great lengths to propose conveys this message loud and clear.
  • It should be meaningful: If you’re into poetry a personal poem would have you weak at the knee and all teary eye’d. Red roses and champagne might give some women the heebie-jeebies but if this just does it for you, a proposal with this in mind will have you screaming "yes!” in no time!

Which brings me to my next point: You have a whole wedding to plan!

Before you start hyperventilating – listen up: We would love to journey with you and assist you in every single aspect of your wedding planning, so take a deep breath, grab a pen and start jotting down notes.

If your budget allows for a wedding co-ordinator, make use of one as it will definitely make your life easier and leave breathing space for you to focus on that which is important: Your wedding dress! Your next call is to book a wedding venue as this will allow you to set a date and send out the invitations. From here on it’s downhill all the way! It’s down to the fun stuff such as décor, a decadent wedding cake and choosing a musician that suits your personal taste and the style of your wedding. And most importantly, a wedding photographer to capture all this beauty.

For inspiration on creative wedding ideas, we have a photo gallery and bright ideas to stir up those creative juices!

Happy planning!

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