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4 Wedding Cake Toppers You Need to See

Modern day brides have it good when it comes to wedding cake ideas. They can go traditional or follow trends. Or they might even go for a cake alternative.

Of course, if you’re the type who must have a wedding cake, you can’t forget about wedding cake toppers. They’re the one finishing touch every wedding cake needs to have.

The good news is, your choices are as diverse when it comes to cake toppers. Here, we’ll explore the top four ideas you can use for your wedding cake topper.

two  layered wedding cream cheese cake with roses and eustoma

1. Go Vintage

Some people love vintage style. If you do, too, wearing your grandmother’s dress isn’t the only way to add a vintage touch to your wedding.

You can also go retro with your wedding cake and topper. In fact, some couples don’t go too far when searching for vintage wedding accessories.

They either use their grandparents’ wedding toppers. Or they DIY their toppers using retro materials.

2. F is for Festive

There are certain parts of a wedding that make people emotional. But for the majority of the event, it is and should be a joyous occasion.

So how should you show everyone that it’s a festive event?

Other than radiating joy on the day itself, you have to nail the decorations and venue. They will have much to do in creating the right atmosphere.

For the dessert table, you can make it more festive by adding sparklers or buntings. You can also use gold, silver, or copper garlands as unique wedding cake toppers.

3. What’s in a Name?

The cutest wedding cake toppers don’t have to be miniature models of you and your partner. In recent years, monograms and calligraphies have become more popular.

Monograms, in particular, are simple yet elegant. They’re a great way to personalize your wedding cake. And there’s a lot of room for customization, too.

There are different fonts and finishes to choose from. If you’re after some bling, try monogram toppers with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals.

4. Eat’s Good!

Edible wedding cake toppers? Why not?

You and your partner don’t even have to be foodies to enjoy food cake toppers. They’re also perfect if you want something non-traditional.

An idea you can try is to top your cake with sweets galore. It can be candy, mini-donuts, or anything that would have a diabetic run from your wedding cake.

Just kidding! If you’re not a fan of sweets, you can also try fruits in season. Clementines and raspberries would look marvelous with an all-white wedding cake.

Ready to Shop for Wedding Cake Toppers?

Maybe you already have an idea in mind or these wedding cake toppers have inspired your choice. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you enjoy every bit of the wedding planning.

Feel free to browse our list of Service Providers. They’ll come in handy if you’re still looking for wedding suppliers. You may also check out our blog if you enjoy reading wedding tips and advice.

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