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Freshest Spring Wedding Trends

Take a peek out of your window and you’ll see that Mother Nature showcases very particular colours in spring, as everything bounces back after the dry winter months – winter’s earthy tones give way to bright green leaves and shoots of grass, and blossoming flowers put on a colourful show to entice the birds and bees…it sure is hard not to feel that proverbial spring in the step at this time of year! Take direction from nature’s spring palette and spread the joy at your spring wedding with these gorgeous trending colours…

How to Choose Spring Wedding Colours

Some quick pointers before we reveal this season’s must-have spring colours…

  • Spring colours can be lighter shades of winter favourites – winter’s burgundy becomes spring’s soft plum, for example
  • Or they can be less bright forerunners of bolder summer colours – like when spring’s blush pink gives way to summer’s hot pink
  • Take a colour chart and find your favourite colour – then work out from there to find the correct shade of that colour for the spring season.


Mint green is the quintessential backdrop to spring, symbolising growth, renewal and health – all of which make it a natural choice for a couple embarking on a new life together! Other qualities associated with this colour include harmony, abundance, stability and balance.

Think: Mojitos and choc-mint desserts….fresh, very fresh!


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A dynamic and uplifting colour, coral screams with passion, energy and excitement. Its association with the ocean make it a great colour for a springtime beach wedding – it’s less fussy than girly-girl pink and more down-to-earth than glamorous red, making it the colour for carefree, barefoot brides.

Think – hibiscus flowers and flamingo vodka cocktails…tropical heat!


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Sunshine and happiness, says yellow! If that plus good cheer, hope and fun are the feelings you want to create at your wedding, then yellow is the colour for you. Bear in mind that yellow is the brightest, most visible colour of the spectrum, so you may want to soften the shade somewhat or use it sparingly as a ‘pop colour’.

Think: Sunflowers, lemon drops and lemon meringue tart…now that’s mellow yellow!


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Less intense than the colour purple, lilac nevertheless conveys the same energetic, confident and inspirational symbolism. While stronger purple is traditionally the colour of royalty –exuding wealth, luxury and extravagance – lilac has a more delicate, spiritual quality about it and emphasises the creative forces within us.

Think: Lilac blossoms and lavender petit fours…pretty as a picture!


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Taupe is, in fact, the French word for ‘mole’ – and in English is indicative of their light brown, velvety coats. Warm and organic, it’s also elegant and refined – an excellent choice for brides with a classic bent celebrating their nuptials in beautiful outdoor spaces or country settings. Taupe is completely versatile, working equally as well as a soft accent to white or as the base for another colour, like lilac, yellow, coral or mint.

Think: Dom Pedros, truffles and vintage organza ribbon…Indulge me!


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