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10 Reasons Why You Should Make Use of a Wedding Planner

Experience working with a variety of service providers

Wedding planners have experience working with a variety of service providers and therefore know who’s who in the zoo. They’d know who would be the best at creating exactly what it is you imagine, whether it’s quality or a good price you’re after. This can eliminate a lot of heartache and disappointment that is caused by making the wrong decision when choosing a service provider yourself.

Support system

It’s a great support system to have – they are not family so you don’t have to worry about stepping on sensitive toes. Again! You can phone them with a to-do list and know that it will get done, without feeling bad asking for yet another favour – it’s their job, they are getting paid to do exactly this. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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A Great sounding board

A wedding planner makes for a great sounding board – they are not emotionally involved like family often is. They will listen to all your ideas, take your bits and pieces, add their magic and merge everything together to produce a harmonious story board.

Deal with only one person

It makes sense to employ a wedding planner as you don’t end up with layers and layers of paper work and reminders. You deal with only one person and pay only one person. They do all the hard work by sourcing quotes, dealing with questions from service providers, making payments etc while you can put your feet up and dream of your upcoming honeymoon!

Problem solving and crisis management

A huge benefit is that there is always someone available when a problem pops up, and planning a wedding as with any other event, a problem is always bound to pop up at some stage. The wedding planner will be there to do problem solving and crisis management while you go about your daily business. This will allow you to truly look forward to your wedding and without the normal stress involved – what a bonus!

A wealth of information

A wedding planner is a wealth of information, they’ll make suggestions and let you know what would work and what wouldn’t work, whether it’s been done before and what to look out for. Another great benefit is that wedding planners usually are up to date with the latest trends and will help to create something unique for your big day and essentially make your wedding stand out from the rest. They know what’s in and what’s been done just once too many.

Save money

Although a couple might think that they can’t afford a wedding planner, they can actually save money in the long run. Coordinators help you plan extensively and make correct decisions ie. Prevent you from making expensive decisions. They may even be able to negotiate a better price on things such as your venue or food.

Behind the scenes

A good wedding planner will be present at your actual ceremony and wedding reception so it actually allows you to really relax on your big day, enjoying every moment without having to stress about all the finer details. Its very comforting knowing that there is someone capable behind the scenes, making sure that everything goes down smoothly – the responsibility is not yours. After months of planning, this great event literally flies by in a flash, you owe it to your new hubby and yourself to enjoy every moment. Your only responsibility is to mingle with your guests and have fun!

Post wedding Admin

Most wedding planners also take care of anything “post-wedding” like with the cleaning up, locking up (depending on your arrangements with them), removing certain d√©cor pieces and transferring the wedding gifts to wherever they need to go. This is a huge benefit as the two of you can slip away whenever you’ve had enough.

Family members are human too!

Employing a wedding planner also releases family members so that they can enjoy this exciting time too. They can be part of everything and enjoy what you are going through without the added stress. This will be especially beneficial for the mother of the bride. She can give her input and be a part of all the planning but at the same time remain sane!

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