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Wedding Anniversary Gift List by year

It almost impossible to remember the list below, so we have got your back with the complete Wedding Anniversary Gift List by year.

1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

Gift ideas: Books of your partners favourite Author. Write a love letter or poem, if you can’t write a love poem yourself, purchase a book of poetry for your spouse. You could organise tickets to a show or even a sports event, if you are feeling indulgent perhaps a plane tickets to a romantic destination.
Modern gift option: Plastic

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Gift Ideas: Blankets, throws or bed linen would be stunning gifts for your spouse or for more of a masculine idea, perhaps a canvas hammock or a monogrammed shower robe.
Modern gift option: Cotton and Calico

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Gift Ideas: Leather bound photo album, leather accessories i.e. wallets, purses, watch with a leather strap. For more of a themed idea, book a weekend away and buy your spouse leather luggage for the trip.
Modern gift option: Crystal and Glass

4th Wedding Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers

Gift Ideas: If you are trying to think outside the box of buying an ordinary bunch of flowers and dried fruit, then why not buy your spouse a fruit tree, have a planting ceremony and turn it into a fun day out in the sun. For more of a literal expression of flower gift giving, buy a gift voucher for a nursery lifestyle centre.
Modern gift option: Linen, Silk, Nylon

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Gift Ideas: There are so many things you can buy made from wood, anything from handcrafted wooden statues, wooden décor items to beaded jewelry or even a musical instrument.
Modern gift option: Silverware

6th Wedding Anniversary: Sugar or Candy

Gift Ideas: Find out what your sweethearts favourite sweets are and organise a whole selection of candied treats. Chocolate body paint would be a great way to spend a fun night in.
Modern gift option: Wrought Iron

7th Wedding Anniversary: Copper and Wool

Gift Ideas: With copper and brass, ideas might include jewelry and home decorations such as sculptures, furniture, or appliances. For wool, this might be a decorative rug or perhaps a wool blanket to cuddle under together.
Modern gift option: Brass

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

Gift Ideas: Bronze make up, lip gloss, intricate handmade bronze jewelry for her. A telescope, barometer or bar accessories e.g. bottle opener or a wine bucket for him.
Modern gift option: Pottery

9th Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

Gift Ideas: Sign your wife up for a pottery course. What man doesn’t like beer? Buy your husband a genuine Bier Stein. This year is also a great opportunity to purchase a gift together for your home. Ideas could include an artisan pottery vase or art glass. When you view your vase in future years, you will fondly recall your young family.
Modern gift option: Willow

10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin

Gift Ideas: For a unique gift, give a love poem or favorite picture in a tin or pewter frame. Try Nostalgic tin car collectables for him. You get so many gorgeously decorated tins these days, which can contain anything from biscuits to soap, find out what your wife enjoys and place it in one of these tins.
Modern gift option: Aluminum

11th Wedding Anniversary: Steel

Gift Ideas: For men, the 11th anniversary is a very easy shopping year with ideas like tools for the shed, sports gear or camping accessories. Stainless steel cook wear and designer kitchen appliances like the new espresso machine you’ve both been eyeing out would be an ideal gift for her.
Modern gift option: Jewelry

12th Year Anniversary: Silk

Gift Ideas: Silk lends itself well to luxurious clothing gifts of robes, shawls, shirts, skirts, dresses, and lingerie. Ladies, get a sexy silk negligee, some crisp white bed linen and rose petals and surprise your man when he gets home.
Modern gift option: Linen

13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

Gift Ideas: An obvious gift for the 13th anniversary is lace lingerie for her. It is a bit of a tough one for him, but perhaps you can take the lace theme literally and buy your husband some lace up shoes or go straight to the Modern gift alternative of textiles which will open up your options to all types of clothing.
Modern gift option: Textiles, Faux Fur

14th Wedding Anniversary: Ivory

Gift Ideas: Please don’t buy anything made from ivory, you do not want to be supporting an illegal elephant poaching industry, instead make a donation to an elephant rescue organisation or a conservation group or buy elephant friendly imitation ivory. The colour ivory is also a good theme to work on when looking for gift ideas.
Modern gift option: Gold

Year 15 Anniversary: Crystal

Gift Ideas: When you think of crystal, you think of Swarovski with their extensive range of well, practically anything- jewelry, figurines, glasses and vases. This year is also a great opportunity to purchase a gift together for your home. For the men, the options could be crystal cufflinks or go straight to the modern alternative which is a watch.
Modern gift option: Glass | Watches

20th Wedding Anniversary: China

Gift Ideas: Dinnerware, serving platters, vases are all the things that can be given as a 20th Wedding Anniversary gift. If you are not a person who particularly likes china, then the modern alternative, platinum will be right up your alley. If you are in a position to splash out, then why not take the literal approach to this anniversary theme and actually go on holiday to China!
Modern gift option: Platinum

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver

Gift Ideas: Jewelry is always the best bet for this year. But if you would like an alternative idea, a Silver Birch tree would be an original gift.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

Gift Ideas: Black pearls are the rarest of pearls occurring naturally, and because of this, they are the most expensive, followed by fresh water and salt water pearls. For more of an environmentally friendly option, you can purchase cultivated pearls which are completely sustainable. If you like to travel, visit an exotic location with pearling in its history such as tropical Broome, Australia

40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

Gift Ideas: If your budget allows, ruby jewelry would be the most appropriate gift, otherwise you could choose an item with a ruby colour, like a special house décor item, clothing and accessories or plants containing the word Ruby in its name like a Ruby Clematis.

50th Wedding Anniversary: Gold

Gift Ideas: A golden wedding anniversary is a very special milestone and gold jewelry would be the best way to celebrate this. If gold is not your thing, then how about giving your spouse 50 small gifts throughout the day to show how much they mean to you?

60th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Gift Ideas: By now, you probably know her style quite well, so choose diamond or gold jewelry that fits her tastes. If you are not sure, choose classic conservative styles rather than giving something too flashy. For the husband, a gold tie tack, cufflinks, or ring is perfect

75Th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Gift Ideas: As a gift, consider a group family photo or your favorite wedding photo in a gold frame possibly studded with diamonds or crystal.

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