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Why Short Wedding Dresses Become More and More Popular?

  Short Wedding Dresses

A Bride in a Short Wedding Dress

Have you noticed that short wedding dresses become more and more popular? Today, almost every wedding designer has short dresses in his/her collections and this tendency seems to develop further. Let’s try to find out why short wedding dresses are such a growing trend and what the reasons to wear them are.

Just several years ago, short bridal dresses were rather rare. They were usually worn by older brides and wedding boutiques had a very limited choice of possible models. But today, the situation has changed. There are a great number of cool and stylish short wedding dresses for sale in various silhouettes, styles and price range.

Short Wedding Dresses

A Short Wedding Dress

Basically, there can be 5 main reasons to consider wearing short wedding gowns:

  1. Convenience. It’s obvious that a short dress is more convenient than a long one for the majority of girls. A few of us wear long dresses and skirts every day and so, we may feel uncomfortable in them. A short wedding gown is a brilliant solution for a bright and comfortable wedding outfit, which will allow you to move freely.
  2. Casual/intimate ceremony. As more and more couples opt for casual and intimate wedding ceremonies, there is no need to wear a formal long wedding gown for them. Along with simple wedding dresses, many brides opt for short wedding gowns for their small weddings.
  3. Price. A short dress is much more affordable than a long wedding gown. If you have a limited budget, consider wearing a short bridal dress instead of the traditional one. You will be able to save some money, but, at the same time, you will look very beautiful and stylish.
  4. Creativity. A bride in a short dress looks very creative. If you are tired of wedding traditions and want to have a unique bridal look, this type of dress may help you in that. Moreover, you are free to choose not only among short white wedding dresses, but consider some other colors as well (like blush, champagne, beige and sky blue).
  5. Older brides. Very often, older brides and the ones, who are getting married for the second or third time, prefer simple short wedding dresses. They don’t try to impress their wedding guests with a luxurious outfit and just want to wear something beautiful, stylish and convenient.

Short Wedding Dresses

A Short Wedding Gown

As we have already mentioned, there are many possible designs of beautiful short wedding dresses. Each girl can find the one, which suits her taste, body and wedding format the most. A short lace wedding dress in sheath silhouette is considered to be the most popular. However, you are free to seek for more creative designs with multi-layered skirts or intricate beading as well as minimalist satin gowns.

You can also play with the dress length. While knee-length is considered to be the most appropriate variant, you can also have a dress in mini or tea length. Or, you can combine several lengths by having a high low wedding dress.

Also, a cute idea is to use short wedding dresses along with detachable skirts for so-called transformer wedding gowns. Such dresses are very convenient as you are able to create 2 looks with the help of the same wedding dress. At the ceremony, you can wear a short dress together with a long skirt for a more traditional and festive look. And later, you can take the upper skirt off and have a short dress, which is much more convenient for the reception.

So, you see that a short wedding dress has many advantages. It looks unusual, costs less and suits intimate wedding formats. These are the main reasons why so many brides opt for short gowns for their weddings.

If you looking for some wedding dresses, have a look at our listings of wedding dress providers.

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