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Planning Your Honeymoon

To the Bride
Sit back and relax

With you having a finger in every possible pie, it’s just fair that your soon- to-be other half does his share and plan an unforgettable romantic honeymoon! He won’t be getting his hands dirty with mundane arrangements - this is such an exciting project, and when planned well, something to look forward to. So, he’s agreed to keep his side of the bargain - what’s the next step?

To the Groom
Don’t hold back

First things first Рwhere would you be spending your wedding night? A wise choice would be somewhere close to the reception - the build-up to this big day and the excitement on the day itself will take a lot out of both of you Рarrange to stay over somewhere that doesn’t involve you driving too far (especially after the bubbly and who knows what else!). If you are planning to party till the break of dawn, an exclusive honeymoon suite will be a waste, as you won’t have time to enjoy the luxury. If you however, decide to stay at the reception just long enough to be polite, I suggest you splash out. Don’t hold back, get a place where you’ll be treated like royalty, a place where you can put your feet up and reminisce over the day’s events. A comfortable place where you can start off your journey as husband and wife.

The world is your oyster

The choice of your honeymoon destination needs to be based on both your preferences (even though she might not be involved in the decision making) - what kinds of environment do you both love? Decide whether it will be local or international – there are many options to choose from, depending on your preference and budget: Tropical beaches, the mountains, a safari getaway, a peaceful lake experience or a ‚Ä'tough-it-up‚Ä' adventure (it would be wise to get your soon-to-be-wife‚Äôs input on this last option if you don‚Äôt want to spend your honeymoon nights on the couch!). Consider the weather and time of year as off-peak will be cheaper.

How long?
As long as it takes

Although we’d all like to spend the rest of eternity in a cozy cabin, drenched in love and free from any responsibilities, most of us have responsibilities back home and can’t afford to stay away for too long a period. The average honeymoon period is anywhere between seven and ten days, depending on your responsibilities (work and family) and financial position.

Don’t go over board

When planning your honeymoon, stick to your budget as much as possible. Many couples think that since this is a once-off happening (which it should be) that they can go overboard and max out their credit cards. Even though this is something beautiful that you deserve to celebrate, you will eventually have to come back and face the music - why start your new life off on a negative bank balance? Rather stick to your budget and enjoy wherever you are, in peace, knowing that the home base is covered.

Do you tell?
Of course not

The big question: Do you tell? She is involved in every single detail of this wedding - has her finger on the pulse constantly - she knows everything from the font that will be used on the wedding stationary to the songs the DJ would play - why not keep the honeymoon a surprise? She will love you for it! What she might not love is sitting in a classy restaurant with her t-shirt and sarong, so give her enough information on what to pack (remind her of the airline restrictions on luggage - you can find this detail on the inside of your ticket). If you have to go online in search of packages or accommodation, do it at a friend’s house. This is the only time you are allowed to keep anything from her, so revel in it!

Loose ends
Tie them up

There are a few important matters to keep in mind when planning your holiday. Make a checklist and keep it handy, this way nothing important will be left out. Organise your passports, insurance if necessary (medical and otherwise), travelers cheques and cash if you are going on an overseas trip. See to it that you have strong, durable luggage and that each item has a name tag. These items might not get noticed when everything is going according to plan, but if it doesn’t, you will not feel the effect thereof and can continue whispering sweet little nothings in peace!

When to leave
Is entirely up to you

It’s important not to upset the new in-laws, and through this upset the Missus. Some people prefer seeing their family the next day and leaving the day thereafter, others prefer leaving as soon as possible. Discuss this with your fiancé and come to an agreement that suits you both. This is a good time to learn the gift of compromise! With everything sorted, you probably feel proud of yourself for doing an outstanding job, pondering what a great husband you’ll be and come to the conclusion that you have more than done your share†- Not quite. Lovingly ask her if there is anything else that you can do for her. By making life easier for her, you are indirectly making life easier for yourself!

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