Honeymoon Guide | France

France, the most romantic honeymoon destination in the world

Is what it’s all about

France is located on the Western edge of Europe bordered by six European countries.

Why choose France for your honeymoon destination?
Magnificent architectural wonders, world-famous vineyards, it’s perfect.

If you enjoy good food, history and art then France is your perfect honeymoon destination. The country is rich in culture and newlyweds can get the best of the city and countryside here. France offers some of the best wine and cuisine in the world. What could be more romantic than hearing French, the language of love, spoken by locals?

When to go
To be, or not to be in doors.

The summer months (June - August) bring the best weather, but with them, an influx of tourists. In Spring (March - May) and Autumn (Sept-Nov) the prices are a little lower and the streets less crowded making this an ideal time of year to visit. The autumn foliage in October is exquisite. Winter is the perfect time to head to the snowy French Alps for an active skiing honeymoon.

What your Euro is worth

The Euro. 1 Euro = 100 cents.

Communication is the key


Keep it real

France is a safe country. The most common crimes against tourists are thieving and pick-pocketing. Keep your valuables within sight and be extra vigilant in busy tourist spots.

Popular Resorts
You’ll be spoilt for choice

What to see and do
Depending on how busy you want to be

A visit to Paris is a must for lovers! The city is synonymous with romance and a trip up the Eiffel Tower provides spectacular views. If you travel to France for the art then a trip The Louvre is a definite. Here you will catch a glimpse of The Mona Lisa and over 35000 other pieces of fine art. Wine lovers can rent a car and drive through the romantic Bordeaux countryside to learn more about where some of the best wine in the world is made. The Cote d’Azur, or Frech Riveiera, is ideal for beach lovers and newlyweds who are keen to spend their days on some of the world‚Äôs most glamorous beaches and their nights dancing. History buffs must pay a visit to the famous Palace at Versailles.

Flying time from SA
A hop, skip and a jump away

Approximately ten and a half hours from Johannesburg to Paris.

Vaccinations or medication necessary?
Hakunamatata- which means no worries

No vaccinations are required for France.

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