Schanet and Trevor | Fun wedding in the Western Cape
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Schanet and Trevor’s fun wedding RecchiaWedding: 3 November 2012

Our Wedding Day

Where do i begin? From the start my husband and I wanted a fun wedding with a whole lot of laughs and people making jokes. We wanted people to remember our wedding not because the service made them wanna fall asleep, but because it was funny and unlike anything they had heard before.

So the service was quite entertaining. We had vows like he promised to do the dishes and to make me coffee in bed and I made vows like I promise to give him salad so he would stay thin and that I would be obedient ( I’d said I’d try)  after which the pastor asked does anyone  object. Then my husbands nephew got up and the grooms men forced him to sit back down (a gag they had only later told me about). We also gave each other a gift in front of everybody. First I gave him a ball and chain and he gave me an apron with a feather duster that said property of Trevor Recchia. Everybody had a great laugh.
The food at the reception was good old home cooked food and it was so Delicious my mom had to loosen my ribbons at the back of the dress so i could  breath properly afterward. All in all we had such a good evening that i had to drag my husband home at 3 the next morning.

Advise to brides to be

If i can give you any advise it would be, just breath.Everything seems overwhelming, but don’t forget the people around you, lots of people are usually willing to help with things and u might want to call in a favour or two. Take what u can get. We got the photographer and the venue free because it was either family or a friend and it helped a lot. Also don’t put to much pressure on yourself to get thin fast, its extremely unhealthy and afterward you’ll just gain it all back. If you do want to get thin start a year ahead trust me. And last but not least, savour every moment and have fun.

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