Kirsty & Tim's Destination Wedding
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Kirsty & Tim’s Destination Wedding BradleyWedding: 13 Oct 2012

Our Wedding

When Tim and I were looking at wedding venue’s we knew immediately we didn’t want an over the top day that cost a fortune and that lost the heart and soul of couples (which we see at so many weddings) we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding, and we knew that we wanted the wedding to reflect us, our personalities and fun love for each other. We chose Umtamvuna river lodge on the south coast as our venue, having holidayed on the south coast for many years this just felt like the perfect most relaxed place to share our special day. It was the best of both. Relaxed beach wedding vibe, but without the true hassle of wind, sand and the logistical nightmares of actually getting married on the beach. Every aspect of our wedding was done by myself and Tim as well as my amazing mom and sister, all of the decor and ideas came from our heads, and there was a relaxed rustic style to our wedding, whatever we loved and wanted we added, and in that way miraculously everything came together as if it had been planned from the start.

Advice to other brides

Advice: 1) When planning a destination wedding, use suppliers that you know you can trust, either if you’ve used them before or if they have been referred by friends or family. Planning a wedding over e mail and phone is not easy. You want suppliers you know you can trust, also be clear and concise about what your expectations are and what you want from the start! Use pictures as references that way you and your suppliers are on the same page from day one.

2) when choosing a venue, style, theme or decor for your wedding, think about you and your husband’s personal style, the way you dress, the way you style your home this will help you understand your couple style and help you choose the perfect elements that suit you both, after all it is a day for both of you and you both want to be happy and comfortable.

3) If you don’t absolutely LOVE it don’t do it. It’s your day don’t compromise on things that you don’t absolutely LOVE. when you choose what you love the room and ceremony and reception are filled with Love, you can feel it straight away when a couple have had a hand in choosing elements for their wedding and when they have just been forced into a direction by parents, coordinators etc. Fill your day with your love and your guests will feel this as well.

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