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Holly and Ronald GodfreyWedding: 2 May 2009

Our Wedding Day

My now husband (Ronald Godfrey) and I (Holly Crickmay) got married on 2 May 2009 in Sedgefield, Western Cape, at a place called Cloud 9. Cloud 9 was not just a venue, but it was someone’s home and was filled with warmth and beauty. We thought it so special, that we didn’t tell any of our guests where it was until the day of the wedding (so no-one knew where they were going).

I walked down the aisle to a local violinist playing ‚Ä'O Mio Babbino Caro‚Ä'. Ron and I exchanged our own vows and then we lead the guests into the fountain area for cocktails and snacks.

After the snacks we went to the rim flow pool and had a ‚Äòrose ceremony‚Ä' where Ron and I recited a poem to each other and then just held each other whilst ‚Ä'The Prayer‚Ä' by Andrea Bocelli played. Once finished, each guest was given one long stemmed rose to throw into the pool.

After the ‘rose ceremony’ was finished we all played drums for 20 minutes whilst the sun set. I personally had never ‘drummed’ before, but what an experience! At the end, Ron released 60 white helium balloons into the night. Attached to these balloons were wishes our guests wrote to us. We put a return address on the back of the note and the guests attached their balloons. We have never seen the notes and the theory is that we will receive some back in the future.

All the guests then took their seats in the main hall and a 5 course meal was served. After the 2 nd course, Ron and I did a Viennese Waltz. We put so much effort into learning and practising for the dance, and it was worth every minute.

I have never been too much of a fan of throwing a bouquet and having women ‘fight’ over it. I therefore had my bouquet made of 10 ‘mini’ bouquets and handed them out to single women guests.

At the end of the evening Ron and I changed into red tango outfits, and finished the evening off with a tango. We then cut the cake and served it. It was such a delicious cake, that it was finished that evening.

And that was our fairytale wedding in a nutshell.

Advice to Future Brides

As far as advice for brides ‚Ä - I would give the following three comments:

  1. A photographer is everything, so make sure that if you are going to splash out on anything, it is on that.
  2. If you want to do something for your wedding, even if it’s outrageous, do it. It’s YOUR wedding and you should do what YOU want
  3. You wedding is the most fabulous night of your life, so don’t drink too much and make sure to absorb every moment.
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