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Wedding Bouncy Castles – Latest Wedding Trend

People are always creative with ways of making their weddings unforgettable and exciting. Finding
something unique to add elegance and fun to a wedding can be a daunting task. Whether you are
looking for something special for the after party or wedding reception,wedding bouncing castles do not
disappoint. Who said that weddings must be serious and official in every way? It’s the little things that
we add to a wedding that make it memorable.

The latest trend in weddings is renting bouncing castles. We have noted this trend is taking over UK
weddings by storm. Grooms and brides are willing to spend their cash on renting bouncy castles for
entertaining guests. Forget the stereotype that weddings should be stuffy affairs. Feeling young again is
something that makes weddings with bouncing castles incredible.

Imagine you and guests playing around inflatable bouncy castles? Talk about making moments
memorable! We have no idea of anything else you can do to ensure that everyone lets loose and gets
lost in the moment. This is where you just forget all the worries in the world and celebrate the big day
like a kid.

a wedding wonderland

Photo Credit : A Wedding Wonderland

Thinking deeper about the idea of having bouncing castles in a wedding, we found it hilarious and
unthinkable. How do you have kids’ stuff on a wedding day? We decided to dig deeper to find the origin
and some important information about renting bouncing castles during weddings. Since A Wedding
Wonderland is one of the top planners of weddings in the UK, we had to understand their perspective
on it.
Paul from the company revealed that the idea was a way of solving a problem. A Wedding Wonderland
realized that kids did not have enough and interesting activities to take part in during weddings. Paul
added that it is quite stressing for parents to chase children round venues during reception and
speeches. Parents could not have a good time in peace without children having something interesting to
do. This is where bouncy castles come into play. At least will get busy and entertained throughout the
Some of the top companies apart from A Wedding Wonderland offering bouncy castles for weddings
include Mr. Bouncy Castle and 1 Entertainment. A Wedding Wonderland offers unique event and
wedding equipment for hire. The company has a wide range of bouncy castles that provide both
children and adults hours of fun at weddings. A Wedding Wonderland as well provides photo walls for
that unique photo experience.

The demand for bouncy castles for weddings is not just huge in the UK, other countries all over the
world are embracing this trend. It is no doubt that A Wedding Wonderland is getting bigger day by day.
Paul said that they have clients from the United States who are willing to pay all costs to have their
services. Other clients that have shown interest in bouncy castles offered by A Wedding Wonderland
also reside in South Africa and Ireland. Paul revealed that people from all over the world have
responded incredibly well to the idea of having bouncy castles in their weddings. It is unbelievable that
people are willing to pay all accommodation and travel expenses for A Wedding Wonderland just to get
a taste of their bouncy castles.

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Now that everyone wants bouncy castles for their wedding, we also became interested in finding the
charges of renting one. Currently, the price for hiring one costs approximately 200 Euros. This is not too
much, keeping in mind its value. If you compare that price with what you pay for photo booth rental,
you will find it quite cheap. Renting a photo booth ranges from $100 to $150 per hour. The good thing is
that bouncy castles can as well serve as photo booths.

wedding bouncing castle2

Bouncy castles are not just for kids. Guests also feel the urge to do something crazy that reminds them
of their childhood. You can be sure of having fun in a bouncy castle because everyone will be in a jovial
mood. You only need to rent a strong, bouncy castle that can be used by adults.

Bouncy castles are double the fun. Do not get stuck into the entertainment part only. We just cannot
imagine how beautiful photos taken in a bouncy castle will look like. The photo session itself will be
thrilling as you jump all over the place taking photos in all angles. The bride and the groom can jump and
take amazing photos. Ideas are unlimited.

The bouncy castles also act as backgrounds for photography. Most couples request for decorations that
match their wedding theme and colors. Some of the options available for bouncy castle decorations are
gold trim, fans, and flowers. These decorations do not only make the venue awesome, but the
photography also goes to another level.

Gone are those days of saying ‘cheese’ to have that perfect shot for group photography. With bouncy
castles, people can do all sort of different things and still get a perfect photo that captures the moment.
You don’t have to sit or stand like in regular weddings faking a smile. A bouncy castle ensures that
people smile genuinely. Those who find it challenging to pose for photos have nothing to worry about
because bouncy castle photography is more of moments than capturing dresses and suits in perfect

Unfortunately, we noted that it is quite challenging to find a company offering wedding-ready bouncy
castles in the U.S among other countries outside U.K. Getting kids a bouncy castle is not a major
problem but getting one that is suitable for adults is the main problem. It’s just a matter of time, and
most people will start venturing into this business.

wedding bouncing castle

You can as well take your wedding to the next level. Bouncy castles are excellent for carnival themed
weddings. There are those who add entertainment elements such as clowns for kids and magicians to
the mix. Other unique features that go well with bouncy castles are fairy lights and food trucks. Guests
not only celebrate the wedding but also have a good time. There are unlimited creative ways of
incorporating bouncy castles to weddings.

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